Embroidery Design Shop’s About Us page

At Embroidery Design Shop, we have been living out our goal to provide our patrons and clients the best embroidery design pieces they can get their hands on. We are known to offer the most intricate and fine designs you can discover online. In the coming years, we aim to be on top of the embroidery industry. That’s why we continue to fulfill our promise to bring you the designs and service you deserve.

Browse through our several collections of designs and find that vibrant pieces with alluring textures and fills await. Whether you are looking for novelty, logos, animal designs, cultural-themed, or seasonal-themed embroidery pieces, you will certainly find designs that reflect your distinct mood, dreams, and desires.

We take pride in our designs that have gain attention across the globe including the Middle East, USA, and Asia. With Embroidery Design Shop’s unique and high-quality designs, our pieces are used not only on certain items but on different types of gowns and clothes as well.

Our designs have been passionately crafted by our team of exemplary designers each with sterling experience under their belts. Our designers have been trained and have broad experience working with some of the best retail and fashion companies across the world. These world-class designers ensure that the designs offered to you will be of excellence.

If you are looking for a more personal embroidery design that you can give to a loved one, Embroidery Design Shop also offers custom-made designs. Customized embroideries are a perfect way to bring joy and sunshine to a loved one’s day. Embroidery designs certainly give a personal touch to an item to gift for Birthdays, Valentines, Christmas, or other occasions.

We also offer free tutorials and design training.

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you find the design that will capture your heart.

We want to hear from you! Please email or contact us for questions and inquiries. For more information, email us at embdesignsshop@gmail.com or call +8801790121265.